I thought it was snowing, not raining…

One thing I’ve had a hard time getting used to in New York is people using umbrellas during snow storms.

Today it started sleeting early in the morning, and sleeted, and sleeted, and sleeted all day long and is continuing to do so as I write this. (we have about 2-3 inches of sleet outside of my apartment right now…)

One thing that I noticed today (and something I always notice) is the way people use umbrellas to protect themselves from snow.

Let’s forget for a moment, that it was sleeting and not actually snowing (but they still use them when it is truly snowing). When I lived in the Midwest a peep’s weather protection broke down as follows:

Rain – Umbrellas
Snow – Winter jacket, gloves, scarf, thick hat, etc, etc.

I can’t remember a single time that I saw somebody use an umbrella to protect themselves from snow/sleet in Indiana. (Maybe it’s because people really don’t walk in Indiana – hmmm…)

Don’t get me wrong, using an umbrella sometimes makes sense during a snowstorm, especially when sleeting… I’m just an old-fashioned, Midwestern boy who accepts the fact that winter time is a cold, messy time, and “you just gotta put on a hat and go walkin’“.

Plus, I really do like the snow when it’s falling…

  • MBogus

    What about the umbrella hat? And what if that umbrella hat was also a stocking cap? And what if that umbrella hat had “BOGOPOLIS” written in big letters on it? Would you wear one? I’d do it if my name was Tim Bogus. I’d consider it the new New York City Midwesterner Native From Indiana Fad. I’d make it the coolest thing to hit that city since I last visited. I just wouldnt be able to go into public with it.

  • ‘The Bogus’

    lol, I wonder… I might actually wear that for the publicity…

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