Internet Bliss Rundown: Websites you Shouldn’t Surf Without

Here at we have an occasional feature called Internet Bliss. A lot of times we list the websites that we find interesting and are worth wasting time (c’mon, we know you’re reading this at work right now or should be doing some more productive – thanks for stopping by!).

Without further ado, Bogopolis presents the websites you should surf by – the websites that matter in today’s fast paced world.

– The Ultimate, user-driven news source that you shouldn’t live without

– This is not Ted Steven’s Encyclopedia

You Tube
– (Do) You Tube?

Google Maps
– I won’t leave home without it.

Google Calendar
– Reminds you that your brother’s birthday is this week and not last week (seriously, it was on my calendar this past week and I still thought I missed is birthday – go figure…)

  • MBogus

    It is Ben’s Birthday this week. I’ll have to send him an e-card. Maybe something with some scantily clad men posing. He always enjoys that.

  • ben

    the scantilier the better, the posier the better too, something in a Larry King maybe…

  • MBogus

    OH YEAH!!! Larry King is HOT HOT HOT!!!

  • ‘The Bogus’

    c’mon guys… did you really have to put those thoughts in my head tonight…