Oh the irony…

Happy Daylight Savings Time!!! (Three weeks early, thanks to a 2005 injunction by the United States, closely followed by the unofficial 51st – 60th states.

Yesterday, the first day of Daylight Savings Time, I woke up for my Sunday morning ritual and as I left – I couldn’t find my watch, it wasn’t in any of the obvious spots (nightstand, coffee table, microwave, kitchen counter, bookshelf), so I just gave up on it for the time being. When I got home I searched everywhere – I think I even opened the oven and the refrigerator just to make sure I didn’t put it one of those ‘obvious’ places everyone should first check. I finally gave up and resigned to the fact that I would have to buy a new watch.

After six years with the watch, I realized that we were going to have part ways.

But wait – As I began to make my bed for the evening – I found the watch! After a day without it, my watch and I were reunited.

Oh the irony of losing my watch on Daylight Savings Time!

  • MBogus

    How much time do you think you spent looking for your watch? I hope you didnt get too peeved when you couldnt find it the first time around. But thats why I have a $15 watch from Walmart. Wouldnt matter if I lost it, except for the sentiment. Its been with me to some pretty crazy places.

  • ‘The Bogus’

    Probably about 25 minutes total, but not all in one fail swoop – it was more like inane off and on wondering about where in my tiny apartment my watch could’ve been.

    I wasn’t that peeved, but you know…

    What I want to know: How do you find my posts so quick??
    (It’s almost like, Bogopolis.com is in your top five ‘surfable’ sites.)


  • MBogus

    Oh, its up there. You better believe it!