Friday Night – make that Tuesday Night Movie Night

OK, folks. Our *being* inundated by the flu bug this past weekend and wreaked havoc on our internal mainframes. To make up for our missed flick on Friday Night, here’s a video mentioned by a user in an earlier post:

Full Disclosure: I once nearly fainted at my mother’s second wedding and I promise not to faint at two of friends’ weddings this summer: Matt and Kristin and Jeremy and Chelsea: I’ll do my best to make it a memorable day for you all…

  • Matt

    “Our inundated by the flu bug this past weekend and wreaked havoc on our internal mainframes.” Our what Bogus? Please proofread your posts before you post them. Thanks in advance.

  • ‘The Bogus’

    Wow. The disrespect of everything…

    Give me a break, I was still reeling from my sickness…

    First you cancel our outing and then you have the nerve to come here and criticize my blog – amazing.

    If you want to become my proofreader I’m all for it…

    Just kidding, Shemwell. Thanks for letting me know, this one of my numerous flaws. 🙂

    Have a great day!

  • Another Bogus

    My scheduled for the visitor have the camper house expectations weekend fun and desperate-needed free car!

  • Another Bogus

    Who exactly is Donna?

  • Another Bogus

    Also, you should mention the library incident.

  • ‘The Bogus’

    good luck with camper house expectations… You should nickname the new car, “the whale” because it’s blue and HUGE!!

    Donna is a friend of the camper house – is she coming with them – is she driving the car – I thought she lived in California but spent some in ‘Indian territory’ during the last harvest.


  • Another Bogus

    Donna lives in the house. Erik & I are sleeping in the camper- it’s like a mini getaway!

    Glad you could decipher my post- did you always know it was me?

    Happy Fri 13th!!

  • Almost A. Bogus

    Strange! The initial faller looks uncannily similar to the creator/blogger…

    What’s that about the “Library Incident”?

  • ‘The Bogus’

    How’d they get that video – I thought all of the copies were deleted!!

    No, seriously… that resemblance is simply a coincidence… Honestly…

    As for the library incident, in due time, in due time…