Weekend Movie Break: Steven Colbert Goes to Washington – UPDATED

UPDATED: Here is a legal copy of the Colbert video. Enjoy y’all.



Hey you all. I just wanted to pop by with a weekend movie break… Sorry for missing the movie last night – was playing poker with the guys – I wasn’t the first one out!! (OK, I was third…)

I know he’s sometimes crude, rude, obnoxious, self-righteous, and let’s not forget full of ‘truthiness’. Ladies and Gentlemen, I proudly present Steven Colbert’s debut on Bogopolis.com in “Steven Colbert goes to Washington”


  • Matt

    Ummm… I’m sure that was great and all but maybe we could get a legal video next week so we can all watch it. Thanks…. see you wednesday.

  • MBogus

    I saw that episode Tim. That woman is a tad bit crazy. I’ve never seen someone as prominent as her get so riled up by Colbert. I have not researched the issue myself, but it does seem that she has a valid issue. If you pay taxes, you should have a vote. I do have to say that Colbert is still ten times crazier than anyone he interviews.

    As for your “Matt” friend, you should tell him that being condescending can be funny when done tastefully, every once in a while, and in the company of friends. But not with every comment on every blog he responds to. He paints himself in a very distasteful light.

  • ‘The Bogus’

    Boys, simmer down. Do I seriously have to separate you two?

    First Matt: Please tell me what I’m doing that’s illegal. Technically I am within my first amendment rights to post whatever is on You Tube. It is You Tube’s responsibility to not allow illegal content on their servers. I can’t be an interpreter fro the legality of You Tube’s content. If I can view it’s fair game for me to post. It’d be different if I was storing the actual content on my server.

    Brother Matt: Chill out. We all have different ways that we express ourselves. Sometimes there are those of us who find it hard to think of something to say about something. Even though we may like it, sometimes it’s hard to find something meaningful, but we still want to say something.

    I envision Bogopolis.com as being a place where people can say what’s on their mind – that’s what the Internet is all about – an extension of our First Amendment rights. If that’s want he wants to say, I’m fine.

    First Matt and I have an understanding – or else I would think it’d be continually disrespectful.

    Why can’t we all be friends?

    Move along, nothing to see here…

  • Matt

    Bogey what you do is not illegal, the things YouTuber’s post are a different story however. I was merely referring to the fact that when I clicked on the video there was a message that said the video had been removed due to copyright infringement.

  • ‘The Bogus’

    Hmmm… Didn’t notice that when I posted it yesterday.

    Let me see if I can find a replacement…


  • ben

    I think I used to date her if that’s who I’m thinking of. She wore her hair a little different back then, but just as testy. Can I say that? Am I within my rights to suggest that the Congresswoman and a certain Strapping Hoosier once took turns pleasuring each other while Global Warming threatened our very existences? Can I at least have the freedom to say that?