:: Our 200th

Well, we did it. made it – we’ve gone where few bloggers have gone before – we’ve achieved 200 posts. Sure, it took us some time, OK so maybe four years is longer than ‘some time’, but we made it and we’re going strong! has seen many iterations including, the awkward high school years, the crazy college days, and of course now the unknown early adulthood years living in the ‘Greatest City on Earth’. (Of course, let’s not forget the empty, voiceless era…)

You, see, there have been multiple versions of the website already, five in fact with another the way.

You guys have been awesome – I write for you. I enjoy the comments and want to make a community of those who appreciate randomness.

Here’s to the next 200 and the 200 after that…

  • Matt

    Bogey I am curious about this “empty, voiceless era”. And congrats on youre 200th post. And perhaps the new version of Bogopolis could have a section entitled “Shemwell’s Corner”, where we discuss how PCs are better than Macs and all things Shemwell.

  • Matt

    And perhaps we could also have an edit comments feature where people like me who post things twice can delete one of them.

  • Tim.Bogus

    I have been thinking about having some guest bloggers to share some of their randomness with the community… hmm…

    BTW: I removed that duplicate comment.

    We shall talk…