Movie Night: Close to Home

Hey friends. Many of you from Indiana or anywhere outside NYC have wondered for almost two years now, what it is exactly that I came out here to do in New York City – well let me show you:

The video is almost a year old, and things have changed a lot since then (I’ve lost some weight for example… Ok, it’s all about me…). Forefront is an awesome church I’m proud to be a part of out here, albeit in a small way. I do enjoy waking up on Sunday mornings and volunteering in anyway possible to help the church out.


  • Tim.Bogus

    Hey – just got back from church this morning and I wanted to add this point. this video doesn’t get close to showing all of the people/work that go into a single Sunday morning. (Those numbers at the end, don’t do justice to the work that goes into it.) There are many of us who frequent – you know you are… Past and present.

    Hopes you guys enjoy this glimpse into Forefront Church – my home away from home.

  • MBogus

    I’m proud of you Tim. It takes a big man to give up that much free time on a regular basis.