New York City-isms

The Courtesy Scoot
Occurs when one’s train arrives in the station allowing others behind said person to get in line for a spot on the always crowded train.

The Courtesy Step-Back
Action taken when arriving train is not one’s chosen train. This action allows others behind said person to step forward and enter their arrived train without conflict.

Not following these unspoken rules of engagement in New York City could result in missed trains, pushed shoulders, and/or personal space violations.

  • ben

    The Courtesy Crapped Pants

    Occurs when some guy has crapped his pants in your subway car and you flee to the next car, unless the doors shut before you get off, in which case you move to the furthest point possible then change cars at the next stop. Said guy has defined his “personal space” more tangibly than most of us can ever hope for, and we should respect that space (roughly equivalent to one (1) subway car).

    (May cause overcrowding in adjacent cars.)

  • Tim.Bogus

    I wish in every sense of that statement that I couldn’t correlate that statement with a horror story of somebody’s commute, one time. But sadly I can.