Our ‘Baggage’

In a followup to our previous story on a plastic bag ban, out of England comes news of a town near London that has banned plastic bags successfully and replaced them with paper sacks and cloth carrier bags.

I place this story on Bogopolis.com because of this quote from the story:

The Worldwatch Institute, an environmental research agency, estimates that 100 billion plastic bags are discarded each year in the United States alone. More than 500 billion are used annually around the world. (My inserted emphasis)

You get that? 100 billion plastic bags per year? I think that these numbers are enough for anybody to think twice… I know it is for me.

As I said before, this is something we can come together on, as a global community, and make our environment a better one for those who will inherit it from us.

This is truly something that begins with us.

The question should not be ‘Is it a problem and does it affect me?’ but it should be ‘What do I do about this – How do I make a difference?’

What do we do indeed… And how do we do it?