Weekend Movie Break: 2 For 1 Deal – UPDATED

Somebody, please tell me how society will allow the CEO of the current largest computer-based company to act like a fool and push millions upon millions to the company and we don’t allow the same behavior from a very enthused presidential candidate?

Please someone, help me on this one…

Steve Ballmer

Howard Dean

More renditions after the jump…

Submitted by Bogopolis user ‘Ben’


  • MBogus

    At least he didnt take his clothes off

  • ben

    Who is 08’s Howard Dean? I mean: who is the one who will fall way low of expectations in Iowa and channel the voice of the Demon Master during his post-apocalyptic speech, then channel the voice of the Demon Master on helium to cap it off? Yeawh! I’m guessing McCain.

    Also, I heard Dave Chappelle does a rousing Howard Dean tribute. Maybe we could get that clip up here too.

  • Tim.Bogus

    Hey. 2nd thing first: you find it and I’ll post it.

    First thing: maybe Guiliani – Obama – or what about that guy from Alaska?


  • Tim.Bogus

    Hey all. I’ve updated the post with a rendition of the Howard Dean Scream from The Chapelle Show. If anybody finds any more versions, send them to me and we’ll compare them.

    it doesn’t have to be Howard Dean, can be look a likes, such as the Microsoft/Steve Ballmer scenario…

    Have a good one…