Wow Wii

I was partying at a friend’s place on Thursday and i had the fortunate pleasure to play on a Nintendo Wii. When I first about the Nintendo Wii I thought how silly of an idea it was – but – in actual practice it has to be the most innovative gaming system in many years.

The graphics may be not be as impressive as the xBox or other gaming systems, but the ability to actually participate in the game through the handy dandy hand control is awesome!

Although I had problems with the tennis game, the bowling game was wholly realistic. After playing two full games of bowling and going through the emotions – minus the ball – I was thoroughly as sore as I usually am after bowling. Impressive.

So, in case people are looking for any last minute birthday gift ideas – this would be a sure bet.

  • MBogus

    I was just talking to Ben about getting one for myself. I’m particularly fond of the golf games myself. I still love my xbox 360 though. As for that being your birthday present, why dont I buy you the extra controller and you buy the wii for yourself and call it a deal. They’re tough to find in the stores anyway. I tried today, but walmart was sold out. I think i need to go to best buy.

  • ‘The Bogus’

    Dude. I live in New York City! You can buy anything here – legally or by other means – no comment. (It depends how much you want it.)

    Hold up in the thoughts – you I’m not that type of guy…