:: Walking through “the valley of the shadow of death”

I never mean to be sacreligious, but the past two weeks have been very dark in many senses for us here About 12 days ago, the servers on which reside crashed – and when I say crashed I mean crashed. All four or five sites that are hosted by Bogopolis Media, including, were completely lost. There were a few days in which I wasn’t sure if I would be able to recover my sites and was unable to accurately assess the damage to the data on the servers. As with most hosting matters, this was out of my control, and the error belonged solely to my hosting company.

(I loved the line that the hosting company used in their email to me “Please use any backups you might have to rectify the situation. This of course is after several requests to their help desk to provide a backup tool – although, yes, I should have been more proactive backing the data up.)

After they brought the servers back online, I realized that all Bogopolis Media websites lost all physical files, but retained databases. While this was good for, my other sites did not fare as well. After a few more days and frequent emails with the host, I was able to bring the bulk of my hosted sites back online. That left to revive.

I am in the process of securing new server space for my hosted sites, as well as (Hopefully the transition should be much smoother…)

Thank you for sticking with and Bogopolis Media during our darkest hour and know that we are working to bring you better service.

Stay tuned for exciting developments from and Bogopolis Media.