The Hamburglar stole my Burger (Joint)

That’s right, folks – The Hamburglar has stolen my burger joint – The Burger Joint.

As described over a year ago, The Burger Joint has provided a safe haven to those New Yorkers who don’t mind somewhat of a dive at the expense of delicious, cheap burgers.

But, alas, The Burger Joint has succumbed to the hands of The Hamburglar (albeit temporarily) and thousands of burger-driven New Yorkers have been robbed of a taste of paradise – one that cannot be matched.

Don’t fear, though, The Burger Joint will once again fight back (in about a month) and reign over his arch nemesis – at what will hopefully be a beautiful (and hopefully more modern) facility.

For those of you who have visited me (or live) in New York, you understand the power that The Burger Joint wields over your stomach.

May The Burger Joint come to live another day!

  • ben

    So are you saying McD’s bought The Burger Joint location and The Burger Joint will be opening in a new location? That place was perfect as it was.

  • MBogus

    I do have to say that it was the best damn store bought burger i’ve ever eaten.

  • Tim.Bogus

    the Burger Joint was is a great place!

    They’ve temporarily closed – I feel like I’ve lost my mojo…


  • ben

    My mojo resides in actual hamburgers. That’s why I always have one stuffed down my pants.

  • MBogus

    The front or the back of your pants?