______ is as diverse as it’s people

New York City. ~ 300 sq miles of cityscape and urbanism. 8 million+ people.

This can make for some unique personalities. Brittany (a good friend from Indiana) and I ran into one of these unique personalities yesterday in Central Park.

His name was Darrell and as Brittany and I were sitting he asked me if he could read us some of his poems. After a few poems and a couple of funny moments we parted ways, but this got me thinking:

How many unique and interesting people are there around us that we just totally ignore because we’re caught up in our own ‘bubbles’?

Probably a lot – actually I can think of several people I now know very well and remember and I remember that they were just ‘a face in the crowd’.

I was glad I spent yesterday just ‘free-living’ instead of trying to plan every minute detail of the day and being focused on getting onto the next task/activity. Though, I am a ‘Work in Progress’.