Why you should be on Facebook rather than MySpace.

Almost a year ago I, Tim Bogus, entered the foray of social networking called MySpace. It was great for awhile, but eventually it became monotonous with the dozens of daily bulletins, the ugly layout, and the multiple erotic friend requests each week.

Recently, I joined FaceBook and I can’t believe what a strong contrast there is between the two services. Where MySpace mainly caters to the 1st generation of social networking and ‘immature design ca. early 2000), FaceBook provides a hip, modern way to connect with friends, colleagues, and those people who you didn’t remember you knew.

With a modular interface allowing you to change the look and feel of your profile and the extensibility of their ‘applications’, FaceBook provides the necessary tools for you to create the look you desire while still connecting with different level of friends.

FaceBook allows you to view, in a stream-lined interface, the goings on of your friends, etc while still keeping your profile just the way you want it.

But, you say, FaceBook is just for college students – that is no longer true. FaceBook allows you to choose a ‘network’ based on college, region, or job.

So, if you’re looking for a fresh alternative to MySpace, check out FaceBook. FaceBook is what MySpace is for today’s era of professional and personal social networking.

P.S. look me up, once you’re on FaceBook using my email: tim.bogus[at]gmail.com (replace with ‘at’ symbol.