And the days go on…

Living in New York City is hard, but in addition to dealing with 8 million other people, being a New Yorker involves having to say goodbye to friends and parting ways – New York City is in fact a transient city.

I’d like to send out props to five people who are awesome in their own right and will be missed.

Jasmine and Aaron – you guys were awesome – I enjoyed the time we were able to spend together. Good luck with the new family and the job in Phoenix – You Rock!

Jeannie, Sarah, and Brian – well, what can I say – it was fun, much fun. You need to move back someday – you guys fit in so well. Good luck and I can’t wait until you come back and visit. Maybe the Burger Joint will be open when you come back – my treat.

It’s hard living in a place where people come and go, but it’s all about being a part of a ‘community of strangers’ (Aaron G. – 8/2/07).

Stay Cool.