PSA: Hurricanes in New York

Living in New York you take calculated risks. When I first moved to the City, I knew I wasn’t going to be ‘in Kansas anymore’. One of the calculated risks you take is the fact that New York City is a coastal city on the Atlantic seaboard and that we are vulnerable to Hurricanes, it even happened almost a century ago.

I would encourage all New Yorkers to prepare for the possibility, by heading OEM’s well-prepared advice. Also, check your house/apartment to see if it is in a hurricane evacuation zone and find the closest proposed shelter. encourages everybody to take notice and prepare (especially if you were born in land-locked areas).

  • Tim Bogus

    Was I seriously that serious – sorry guys, I’ll try better next time.


  • Matt Bogus

    I thought it was nice. I recommend you even start making preparations for volcanoes, killer bees, global warming, mad cow disease, and Mexico becoming the world’s new economic superpower.