Live at the Genesse Grande

Hi all. I just woke up from a good night’s sleep here at the Genesse Grande in Syracuse, New York.

What am I doing in Syracuse, you ask?

Well, you may remember that this past March my friends Matt and Kristin (spelled with an ‘i’) got engaged, well today I am on hand to make sure that they tie the knot and to participate in the festivities that will be on today and tomorrow.

A shout out to the wedding party – Heather, Shannon, Vivian, and Kristin (of the Jordan clan), and Tim, John, Ryan, (Jeanna, Megan, – by association) and Matt (of the Shemwell clan).

Also, a shout out to all of our friends coming to the wedding – the farthest coming from Los Angeles, California (of the Shemwell clan) and Fort Lauderdale, Florida (of the Jordan clan).

There will be more ‘live-blogging’ tonight and tomorrow – hopefully I can gain access to some wedding pics to post (of yours truly, of course).