Guest Blogger: Jacob Lange

Dear Bogo-heads,

Due to the lack of recent activity on Bogopolis, I have been brought in as a quest Blogger.

Given such an illustrious forum, I feel that I should say something meaningful and thought provoking, or perhaps something controversial. From the realm of current events, I was walking past the Apple Store yesterday and there was a line of 7 people right out the door. it turns out it was the [not-so-]much anticipated release of Apple’s new operating system Leopard.

Typically anything with the Apple emblem on it will sell like hot cakes. I think Steve Jobs could come out with the iCrap and people would still wait in line for it. But should we be so quick to embrace a new operating system? My answer is no.

My friend Nathan was one of the seven people who waited in line, and good old Leopard has far from fulfilled his Mac dreams. In fact, it is still not on his computer… it will not upload!

Not everything Apple makes is perfect, and especially with a new operating system, you are much better off waiting a few months until all the bugs are worked out.

Nathan, on behalf of Macintosh, Steve Jobs, and all the Apple-freaks, I apologize and I hope some time this week you can install Leopard so that you can help them identify all the bugs.

Jacob Lange is a pastor at Forefront Church in New York City. His blog is, and he is known for poignant commentary on religion, culture, politics, and spirituality in America.

  • Matt S

    Wow… this is probably the most fair and balanced post ever on We should definitely have guest bloggers more often.

  • “Fair and Balanced”?

    I’m trying to be the antithesis (or more like a 90 degree antithesis) of Fox News – although I agree that the guest blogger is a good idea… Maybe we can look to get a guest blogger to cover the sports world???


  • Jacob Lange

    I would like the world to know that as of yesterday afternoon my dear friend Nathan has still not been able to put the new operating system on his Mac?

    What’s up with that Steve Jobs? I think he is entitled to a free iPod touch.

  • Matt S

    Wow you would figure Nathan’s roommate would help him install it. Since his roommate knows everything about Macs i’m sure it would be no problem.

  • I would like the world to know that as of yesterday afternoon my dear friend Nathan has still not been able to put the new operating system on his Mac?

    Is that question or fact? Because it actually looks like you posed it as a question – which if it is a fact – I would like to challenge the authenticity of your statement (not of the facts – since you are absolutely right…)

  • ummm ‘Matt S.” – if that’s your real name…

    Maybe his roommate – who I hear is the greatest roommate of all time (although I might be biased) – has extended his ‘best-hand’ at helping to solve the problem.

    But as I, mean his roommate said last weekend – a 50% install rate is a whole lot better than the 20% you get with something else

  • Nathan

    I think I deserve an ipod touch as well, if not a iphone.

  • I’m sorry, but I have to say this, to clear things up:

    The fact is not whether or nor Leopard installs on a mac – in fact it installed perfectly on my mac and many others – the fact is merely that it failed to install on one (and many) improperly formatted mac hard drives.

    If we were to look at the percentage of windows based PCs that lose their data between upgrades – you’re looking at near 100%. Why is this? This is because MS fails to understand the concept of saving documents and settings between installs. This is why every time the IT dept. at your company goes to upgrade your machine – they ask you to backup all of your stuff. (on windows machines – a clean install is a fact of life.)

    Only fools – yes, those on macs too (myself included) – don’t backup their stuff during installs. The safe way would be to stay with Windows 3.1 for the rest of your life – that way you would never advance with technology and stay with the contextual menus until eternity.

    The issue is not about Leopard – but the way apple hard drives react to system upgrades – this is not a software problem but a hardware one.

    Mac users should actually be blessed when they get to use their Archive Install – because They are the only ones that have it.

    It’s a shame that Nathan is having problems – but the accusation that Leopard is the problem is a complete fallacy – unfortunately hardware is separate from software and more often than not ‘errors’ in software result from an error in the firmware of the hardware – often not written by the supplier of the program or computer…

    To imply that this is limited to Apple is totally stupid – just do a search for windows vista problems in google…

    BTW: who seriously cares if it works or not, in the beginning, (if everything worked – even windows, there would be no need for service packs or updates) – everything CAN be fixed in the end if the right procedures are applied????