I can see clearly now…

Hi all.

It’s so good to finally be able to share this news with you, because it means that Bogopolis.com can continue it’s world domination!

Many people have wondered what has been up with me, and well Bogopolis.com in general, these past few months – especially in September – when posts grinded to a near halt.

Well – there’s been a lot going on in Bogopolis Land – most of which can be summed in the following statement:

two weddings – one cross NYC move to Brooklyn – two roommate adjustments – after having no roommates for two years(one in the summer, and another with the same guy in the Fall – you rock Nathan!) – one hectic, yet fun month at church (celebrating our two-year anniversary somewhere in there – I love you Forefronters!), two bachelor parties (what happens there – stays there…), one trip to Indiana, one three-week cold that put me out of commission for a day at work (arghh… my perfect attendance record is shattered!), and to cap it all off – a 9.5 month long site re-launch at work that ended today – with the past three months being the most insanely busy…

– oh and did I mention that I still found time in there to start a couple of new cool projects (more coming soon…), help a couple of people move, and setup a sound system at home!?!?

Anyway – the grand-daddy of them all – my work site re-launch (http://lightingbygregory.com/) launched today. I don’t talk about work that much – for good reason – but I wanted to share with you what I was a part of. Of course, I was only part of the team that orchestrated this re-launch and kudos to them for their hard work – even through the rough spots: WE MADE IT!!. Check it out! – I think you’ll like it.

I mention it only tell you why I’ve been absent recently and to tell you that now that my schedule has relented a bit, good things are coming to Bogopolis.com (can anybody say merchandise?

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU to those who stuck with Bogopolis during the past few months…

…And to those of my friends and family who read this blog – who may have noticed that I was a ‘little irritated’ (trust me – it’s not you – it’s me!).

You guys rock! Good things are coming!

Stay tuned!

  • Nathan

    Yeah! I got a shout-out on Bogopolis.com!!!

  • Matt Bogus

    Werd to the Bogi

  • Tim Bogus

    For those that don’t know:

    Un-Official Definition: Bogi
    n. bogi – being of many people named bogus, grouped together