I’ll pass on Brittany…

I’m done.

I am not joking this time – I am seriously done with Brittany Spears – it’s time to give HER a break.

I beg you, America, give the poor girl a break – she’s divorced, (tried) to raise two kids on her own, failed, and subsequently lost any rights to see her kids.

I personally believe it’s a shame that America finds fascination in a celebrity who has no idea how to live her life and expects instant gratification from you and me. If this were a Jane Shmo from Alabama – would we really care? I think we would, but not in the way we care about Brittany Spears who seems to have been placed in the position of ‘village idiot’ by the press, the world, and us as individuals.

Would you find it fascinating to watch me throw my life away on ‘national television’ – I want to think not. I would hope those that are close to me would help me find way and those that aren’t I would hope that they would respect my privacy as I try to pull my life together.

The sad thing is America has told Brittany that this is the only way she’s going to continue to get attention. She will keep doing this and fully throw her life away – because all she has been throughout her life is to crave, expect, and act upon the attention she receives.

I’m as guily as anybody else – on celebrity fascination, but…

Please, America, surely there is something more worthwhile we can latch onto – like this? just kidding, but I hope you get my point.

  • Tim Bogus

    I ‘fixate’ my celebrity fascination on Britney (and others) and I can’t even spell her name right!


  • Matt Bogus

    She needs to go broke, get a real job, and start wearing underwear. Thats just what I think.

  • Tim Bogus

    Perhaps – that would be what breaks the country off of Britney.

    Of course, there’s always Lindsay…