(More Competent) Reasons you should be on FaceBook

Well – it’s been a little while since we last talked about the pros of choosing FaceBook over MySpace.Tonight, we would a few worth-while reasons that will hopefully shine a new light on the pros of FaceBook.

  1. FaceBook can be reap professional rewards
    FaceBook allows an individual to network with both friends and co-workers alike. Facebook allows an individual to format their page the way they want people to see it – you can present a professional presence, a ‘college’ presence, or somewhere in-between.
  2. FaceBook allows creativity
    Why should I have to feel that I have no (or barely any) control over the look and feel of my page (like MySpace)? I want to be able to add, remove, or actually move items as I feel – not what some corporate developer feels is best.
  3. FaceBook allows Interactivity
    With FaceBook I can interact with my friends in a new way – I’m able to renew old (yet friendly) rivalries or comradaries with old friends. I’m able to catch up with old friends renew friendships – all because of the next two:
  4. Privacy Concerns are less of a concern with Facebook
    While privacy is a common concern with websites and FaceBook has had it’s fair share of (rising) complaints – compared with the alternative (MySpace) – FaceBook wins hands-down in my book. my profile is private and stays private – I invite (or accept) the people I know or want to know. If a friend of a friend sees my comment on friend’s wall – the most info they can get is my name and my network – nothing more, nothing less (unless I say so). With FaceBook – I control my privacy – not the other way around – it also allows limited profiles, something MySpace doesn’t do – to my knowledge.
  5. No (stupid) corporate sponsorship
    I have nothing against NewsCorp (the parent company of MySpace), but I do have something against the idiotic sponsorship that NewsCorp participates in (ala. the Simpsons – 24 – need I say more?) – not to mention the highly inappropriate ads for minors (I have ‘nothing’ against them – I think they are highly inappropriate for young minors – who don’t know better). FaceBook – although increasing their advertising, as of late – makes their advertising appropriate and makes it blend appropriately with their look and feel (which above all things is necessary for modern dot-coms).

The above is only my meandering thoughts and commentary – based on my perception of the Social Networking industry.

Look me up, once you’re on FaceBook using my email: tim.bogus[at]gmail.com (replace with ‘at’ symbol).

  • Matt S

    Simpsons-24? Please say more….

  • Should I really care if Homer Simpson and Jack Bauer are my friends? Seriously…