My Day of Rest

It has come to my attention that some of you in Bogopolis land – you know who you are – think it’s fun to chastise me via third parties for being tired and taking a much needed break from life – to sleep.

Now, I’m not going to names – because public shaming has already outed you – but trust me (and I do mean trust me) that the next time you take a break – I’ll be right there reminding you of this time…

Don’t get me wrong – I appreciate all instances of being missed – but sometimes a guy has just gotta rest!

There is a lot that this post doesn’t go into (in time, you all shall know..) – but trust me that when I take a day of rest (which has been very rarely in the past few months) my body needs it and those that live, work, and fellowship me will thank me for doing so – in the long run.

I love you all – without you I do not know where I’d be. 🙂