The Proper Care and Feeding of Mexican Blankets

I went to Mexico once – actually I went two times.  In both trips I bought authentic Mexican blankets.  What I didn’t realize is that when I bought them – it wasn’t like buying stuff in America, where they tell you how to take care of what you purchased – down to ‘Do not remove this tag under penalty of a death squad’ (I’ve always been afraid of this – when I’ve done it – I once jumped when the phone rang immediately after I did that…).

At the market I went to in Mexico, items did not come with labels sewn in to tell me how to take care of it.  So, for your pleasure – I will share with you how to properly wash and dry an authentic Mexican blanket:

  1. Clean blanket of all foreign objects (in my case this included grass from the last time I used it – hence the need to wash)
  2. Wash blanket(s) separately from all other clothing (the die used in the blankets tends to bleed the first few times they are washed) Note: it is OK to place multiple blankets together – this will increase your washing efficiency and it will help save the environment by conserving water.
  3. Wash in cold water
  4. Dry in a cool, tumble dry environment – or if you’re like me and you live in a big city and only have access to the industrial sized dryers – it is best to air dry the blankets – the blankets will dry pretty quickly.

Happy Sleeping.

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  • Afrieal

    thank you for this information I was semi panicking because this has rapidly become my favorite travel blanket for business trips … I got mine third hand from a family member who got it from an ex (gotta love divorce sales)