A Rite of Passage for a Man: Part 1

Growing up, I remember being eager for my Dad to get his Columbia House subscription – in his ‘spam box’ (the snail mail kind – for those of you who have forgotten about the the United States Postal Service, aka the Federal snail mail provider). Columbia House, back in that day, allowed you to buy cassette tapes and VHS tapes for cheap prices (the trick was that they locked you into buying a bunch of overpriced stuff in the end). I remember looking at the color graphics and ‘fantasizing’ about the day that I would receive my own Columbia House subscription request in the mail.

Well, yesterday, that day came. In my mailbox for Apartment C1, addressed to me was an envelope from Columbia House that said:

Is Timothy in the mood for Love?

… or Laughs? …or Action? …or Adventure?

This time they’re selling DVDs, which I have to admit is a relief, because I’m not sure where I would play a cassette or VHS tape – but for me this is a rite of passage – something that bridges the expanse of time and connects me to my childhood – the much more mature time of my life.

Not sure what I’ll buy – if anything. The two pages of DVD stamps that I have to send back is very cumbersome and I would think by now they would have graduated to self-adhesive stamps, but for now I am relishing in this link to my past and I hope it brings many good things to come.