And Apple makes 3

Wow – I must live in paradise. Three Apple stores within an hour of my apartment. Ahhh… Bliss.

From Gizmodo…
• The new West 14th Street Meatpacking District store is going to be the biggest Apple Store in the city, and possibly the biggest in the whole US.
• There’s an entire floor dedicated to service.
• We were told the store would have “special services” just found at this store, too.
• The staff includes pro video and music folks who can give in-depth knowledge of software typically just found in the free workshops.

More at Gizmodo.

Now I ( know that there is a lot of discussion on this site about the worthiness of Apple, as a company, – and I have inside information that there is an Apple computer sitting in the house of one of those people (who likes to ‘bash’ Apple) – but one can’t underestimate the power that Apple, as a consumer electronics company, now wields within this technological world.