Words escape me…


Have we – as a people – seriously gotten this anal about politics and religion?


Personally, I think that there’s more important stuff to be focusing our attention on (ending poverty, being eco-friendly, loving our neighbor, smiling, laughing, being a vocational lover, having fun, trying to not take life as seriously as we do, learning to let go of things, respecting people, making – not breaking friends, did I mention showing love for your fellow man[?]), rather than trying to determine if somebody is sending subliminal messages through oddly placed furniture pieces…

And if he is doing that – THAN who cares? (Is that not what they do, anyway…)

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  • Matt S.

    Alright so here we go…. As we all know the media is pretty much controlled by the left. They don’t want a guy in the white house who flaunts his religion so publicly; much more than Bush ever did. So of course they’re going to take issue with this, they will do anything to put Huckabee in a bad light. Is having a commercial with a cross in the back ground so bad? Not in my opinion. However, one of his other commercials has a big sign behind him saying Christian Leader. He is clearly just pandering to the evangelical vote, which is only option. I wonder whatever happened to the seperation of church and state. I don’t want a preacher running my country.

    That being said, Huckabee is a moron. All you have to do is look his past record and comments he has made. “Mike Huckabee once advocated isolating AIDS patients from the general public, opposed increased federal funding in the search for a cure and said homosexuality could “pose a dangerous public health risk.” (http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2007/12/08/huckabee-wanted-aids-quar_n_75924.html)

    The only reason this guy is getting good poll numbers in Iowa is because evangelical christians will vote for whoever their church leaders tell them to or whoever is the most religious, obviously Huckabee. They don’t actually pay attention to the issues, they are just blindly voting, listening to what others tell them never forming an opinion of their own. And that is what is wrong with this country, people are too lazy to do the research on their own so they vote based on who their peers vote for.

    Sorry for the long comment Tim, just loving politics these days.

  • By new found principle – I will most likely never vote for who the ‘Christian right’ says is the best candidate. I put that term in quotes for one simple fact: they (themselves or the media) claim that all Christians are covered by this ‘Christian right’. This is so not true – to be a Christian evokes absolutely no political affiliation. To say so is a fallacy – Christ himself steered clear of the politics of the day (evidently that didn’t stick for Christians of today). (Some, evangelical) Christian organizations feel it is there duty to ‘guide’ their followers to vote for the ‘right’ (no pun intended) guy.


  • Matt, no self-respecting politician (truly) believes in the separation of church and state. If they did you wouldn’t see Democrats and Republicans alike campaigning in churches. Imagine a Clinton (any Clinton) campaign without a campaign stop at a church – I can’t imagine that and would never believe that it would happen.

    I would be hard-pressed to find a recent high-level political figure who hasn’t campaigned at a church or fellowship of believers of some faith. If these candidates truly believed what they preached about the separation of church and state – you wouldn’t see them campaigning in churches – this would be the first thing to cut out.

    This country was based on the sole premise of the separation of church and state (The Church of England, anybody?). To say that is was built on religion is true – but the separation of such religion from government controlled.

    Oh – and by the way – the Bible doesn’t say that America is God’s chosen nation, I believe it says that Israel is God’s chosen nation. 🙂 It’s time that people stopped this filthering around and got back to basics: everybody.

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