Get uncomfortable – you’ll thank me later.

Friends, we are not comfortable with being uncomfortable.

Did you read me on that one?

We are not comfortable with being uncomfortable.

A lot of us talk about fulfilling our own potential – well, I’m here to say that I have come to the conclusion that there is no way to fulfill our potential until we become uncomfortable with what we do.

I’m making a personal commitment to do one thing that is outside of my comfort zone each day. I feel that I have lost so many opportunities because I was happy in my comfort zone and I didn’t want to step out of it. I don’t know a lot about this world, about my city, about my neighbors, and even about my friends because I have been too unwilling to step out – even for a brief moment – to be uncomfortable and see what lies beyond this little ‘box’

I’d say join me – but I know that what this means to me, may not be what it means to you… But think about all those lost opportunities that we have forfeited for no other purpose, but to serve ourselves…

Scary, ain’t it?