High Definition Video: Blu-Ray wins

This just in: Bogopolis.com declares the Blu-Ray high definition format the winner.

The New York Times is reporting that Warner Brothers will switch their high definition video format to Blu-Ray beginning in June of 2008.

This decision brings the BlueRay high definition video format in use by the majority of movie distributors.

Bogopolis.com has previously reported about this new video format – but why should you care?

You should care because of this simple fact: Blu-Ray is now in place to replace the DVD format as the default video format – it will happen slowly, but I say this: 8 year olds in 2010 will not recognize the acronym DVD.

Also, the transition of Warner Brothers to Blu-Ray format means that the remaining studios will eventually follow (it’s only a matter of how they save face).

Most importantly users will benefit with increased content (read: 5 times more space for extras and movie goodness – and higher picture quality.

Don’t buy that player, yet, though. The early adopters always get screwed.

Marketshare of Blu-Ray vs. HD-DVD (Via Wikipedia)