I want to believe…

…That human life is something that is taken seriously.
…That there can be love where there is none.
…That we care more about our next door neighbor than we do about the latest mistake Britney has made in her life.
…In community.
…That there can be good in Corporate America.
…That my love is one of giving and not self-indulgence.
…That there is still good in this world.
…That I could live a week (or a month – or a year – or…) without mass media.
…That some people don’t really mean what they say.
…That I can find a job where it’s not all about ‘political maneuvering’ – just trying to get a competitive advantage over a co-worker or boss – that community could exist in the workplace.
…That politics should be more of a discussion than a debate.
…That people can turn around their lives.

I want to believe in something better – because it can always be better, and I don’t want to settle – I want to always be in pursuit of the best.

  • Matt S.

    I believe that one day the Republican Party will awaken out of its slumber and vote for the only true conservative and the only true Republican, Ron Paul.