Indiana Saturdays

It seems lately – that I’ve been wearing my IU t-shirt around on Saturdays – no matter where I’m going.

It’s funny, being away from all my friends and family back there, that wearing a t-shirt would be bring back so many warm thoughts.

I didn’t go to IU – but I only lived a half-hour from the epicenter. All of my siblings went there – but I did not – I guess I was the rebel in the family.

I’m going back home this week – Thursday to be exact -it should be a ‘fun’ experience. I’m looking forward to seeing my college friends, but most important my family. It seems that I forget – sometimes – how hard it is to survive without them.

  • Matt Bogus

    You were a rebel allright! You even grew your hair long, dyed it red, and got “promiscuous” with new ways of thinking. lol

  • ben

    I wondered where my tshirt went … and why I’ve been wearing a Vincennes tshirt every Saturday for the past 3 years.

  • Hey Tim,

    Sounds like youve been quite busy in NYC but a good busy. Yea you found my ‘new’ blog…Its nothing like yours but it works from time to time! As for being a part of the final CCF on Portland, unfortunately, I will not be able to to make the service..I cant take off of work. I am debating on if i can be down before 4p that day but i cant promise…

    Its good to hear from you!!

  • @ Matt Bogus: I always wanted to be a part of the Indiana crowd, even though I wasn’t… Whatever I could do…

    As far as being “promiscuous”, well I’m not quite sure where you’re going with that…


  • @ Ben: Ummmm – it’s My t-shirt, unless of course the colors were “cream and crimson” back in ’94 and not ‘red and white’ (which actually was…)

    I believe, like me, you are showing your true colors by wearing the Vincennes shirt…

  • @ Steve: Good to hear from you… Stay in touch.