Life changes in the works…

Hi friends – this is a very ‘catchy’ headline with little substance, unfortunately.

As I’m sure you’ve seen – things have been slow for some time, on There are a lot of things that have been floating through my head for sometime now – I’m working through a lot of life thoughts and feelings…

I’m considering some options right now that have the potential to change a lot of aspects of my life (school, job, location, vocation, etc.) – I’ve been trying to spend time focusing on these things and clear my mind – that’s one reason I flew home to Indiana for an extended weekend.

Bear with me, as I work through the clutter – I’m hoping to be able to come to conclusions in the next month or so and share them with you, but I’d love for you to be praying for me (if praying isn’t your cup of tea, then just knowing that you were thinking about me would be a wonderful thought with me…).

Those of you who read this, are my closest friends and family – knowing that you’re with me is an amazing encouragement.

You all are awesome – stay cool!


  • We love you Tim. God will make it clear to you in due season. Just find peace in you soul in the mean time.