“We’re Just Moving Home”

Those were the words uttered during a worship service, I attended yesterday evening, at my old campus ministry CCF on Thursday night.

Most years, Thursday would have been an evening to celebrate the end of the school, new graduates, and the coming of spring. On Thursday evening, however, dozens of classmates and friends gathered to say goodbye to a location – but a not the family – that gave so much to so many people.

CCF will be moving in two weeks to a new location – the new location is only a few blocks from the current location.  The experience provided some interesting perspective on what a building or a piece of property should mean to a gathering of Christ Followers.

We’re taught as Christians that it isn’t about the building that you worship in or where you worship – but – it’s about who and why you’re worshipping and who you’re worshipping with.

My home church meets in what is essentially a night club by day – but is ‘miraculously’ transformed into a church for a few hours each Sundays. I’ve learned over the past three years that – if you allow it – there is more power in the community than there is in the building

For CCF – it’s slightly different. For years, students have called 211 W. Portland Avenue home – while many of us ‘officially’ lived there at one point, most just spent a lot of their college time there (and by a lot, I’m generally referring to anytime they weren’t in classes or sleeping).

In two weeks, the main building – the LOFT – will be moved 2-3 blocks to the East and new construction will be added onto it. For a lot of us, this seemed like the end of the line – an end of an era. While it is an end of an era, it is definitely not the end of the line.

I believe that family should stick together – through thick and thin. All families.

At the beginning of the evening there seemed to be a sense of loss – a sense of mourning of losing a loved friend. Although it was definitely heartbreaking to see things gutted and empty – by the end of the evening there was a sincere sense of excitement in the air as laughed together about the good times we had and the good times we would contribute to in the future.

This is – I believe – what all Christians should feel about their location/building/property/etc. Our faith is not (or should not) be rooted in the physical but in the spiritual.  Spiritual – both in the sense of believing God continues to have big ideas for us and in the family we create and continue to help create.

It’s hard for me to believe the things that I write – to believe feels like I’m neglecting the past memories I have – but this is what we do as Christians – we use the physical to help build the spiritualnot the other way around. Buildings deteriorate or are razed for development – but when all is gone our relationships remain – forever.

I can tell you one thing about Thursday night – the relationships remain – some after only 3 years – some after 10+ years. That – is what’s it’s about – whether it’s in New York City, Indianapolis, Indianapolis, or even in Vincennes, Indiana. The relationships are what ultimately remain.

Remember: “We’re just moving home”.