Oh – crazy times…

Y’all know I don’t like change… As I told you a few weeks back my campus ministry I went to in college – one of many homes around this countries (I’m young, but yes I have many) – is moving (literally) to a new location.

Well, I’ve been working with them as their web guru for a few years now. Anyway, I was helping TJ (a current student leader there) upload some images to the site yesterday – not really helping but providing feedback – and as I was looking at the photos it seriously made my heart wrench looking at the home where I spent two awesome years and had the opportunity to meet several lifetime friends being ‘torn down’, moved, and rebuilt.

I got to thinking about stuff in my own life – the way things have gone the past few weeks – how that process seems to be existent everywhere: tear down, move, and rebuild (stronger) – there’s a lot of pain in the process, but you know it’s going to be worth it in the end – in case particular case it will be for something more than a single person – because that’s what God’s kingdom is really about, right?

Anyway, enjoy the pictures. I don’t organizations that are crazy enough to do something like this – but they are out there!