Doings Things Differently

Many of you have noticed that has been very slow over the past few months. In short I want to say thanks for sticking with me over the past few months; things have been very busy, confusing, and complicated the past few months.

There have been things I have chosen to (re)focus on in my life; things that have required me to set aside some of my extracurricular projects. It’s been fun – but I’m definitely far from over.

Doing Things Differently

I’m glad you’ve stuck with us – if there are moments that we don’t post for awhile, hang us with us, I’m sure we’ll back shortly – sometimes learning to do things differently causes disruptions in normal life patterns. (Also known as: Sometimes life sucks, bear with us.)

Before I leave, I’d like to send a few shout-outs to people who have cared deeply about Bogopolis over the past few years and have made it a point to say so over the past few months:

The Jordan clan of Syracuse, Baltimore, and/or New York City: Heather you are truly an awesome person.

MJ: thanks for stopping by the other day; hopefully we’ll make contact again soon.

Winsteedo: You’re a good roommate, thanks for being a great friend and I can’t wait until we move to the Upper West Side.

Matt and Kristin: You guys are truly my number one fans – I love you guys and am happy to call you family.

Now, back to the regularly scheduled life of Tim Bogus.

  • Matt

    Thanks for the shout out buddy. Maybe you can come over more since you’ll be closer, or vice versa.

  • tim

    the three amigos do need to grab dinner at some point in the future – John and I both agree – you in?