Guitar Hero goes ‘Christian’

When I first played Guitar Hero, I have to admit that the first thing I told my friends was that “THEY should make a Praise and Worship edition. Well, they (actually somebody else) has done just that.

Now – I have to wonder out loud if this is going be questioned in the mainstream media.

GameSetWatch puts it best:
“The word Christian is, in the strict sense, a noun. It literally means somebody who follows the teachings of Jesus Christ. People get themselves in all manner of trouble when they turn the noun into an adjective to describe their work, community, bookshop, painting, tee shirt, video game or song.”

Are we separating ourselves and becoming ‘exclusive’ by branding ourselves away from the rest of society? I throw this out there because I agree with the comments above that the term “Christian” is, at its purest sense, a noun. In many ways – increasingly more so – the term Christian (or associated synonyms) are becoming adjectives, continuing to separate (and not bringing together) different (sub-)cultures in our modern society.

However, the selection of songs is quite interesting…