Vote Because Others Can’t – A call to action

Will you vote this November?

Should you this November? thinks so – I believe greatly that voting isn’t just an opportunity but something that our country has been built on for generations.

So many times my generation (gen x, millenium, gen y, etc.) neglects the opportunity to vote – I’d like to think that this election will be different.

So here you go:

If you live in New York State: The deadline to register to vote is October 10th – Register @ Rock The Vote

If you live in Indiana: The deadline to register to vote is October 6th – Register @ Rock The Vote

Other States: Rcokt The Vote State by State Deadlines.

Update – FaceBook Events:
Show your action by joining the FaceBook group:
Vote Because Others Can’t – Indiana
Vote Because Others Can’t – New York

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    I was going to write something shitty but lost the energy.