Food Delivery in Harlem 10027

It doesn’t exist and it makes me really upset!

I moved to Manhattan 1 month ago expecting the beautiful pleasures of, Fresh Direct and countless others.

Nada. Zilch. Nada.

OK. It’s no that bad but the delivery options from are so incredibly horrible and I have to ask: “Where is that ‘Manhattan touch’ that I was expecting? Where is the incredible feeling of being able to be Sandra Bullock in ‘The Net’ and not have to leave my apartment?”

Seriously – people.

While I surely won’t suffer, I do have to wonder really where is technology leading us in today’s society? Will it be able to stand the test of time?

  • Matt

    Dude you live in Harlem, not really manhattan. Nobody wants to deliver up there, not safe enough yet. And i dont understand how technology standing the test of time fits in. Explain please….

  • Last time I looked – Harlem was part of Manhattan. I remember a time when you weren’t that snooty of a manhattanite. Our audience should know that Matt attends school in *Gasp* Far Queens.

    As far as technology standing the test of time? If technology can’t fully serve it’s purpose of providing delivery in the world’s largest metropolis (which Harlem is a part of) than I have to question if the technology conceived of in Sandra Bullock’s aforementioned blockbuster file will come to pass…

    I mean – seriously…

  • Matt

    Not being a snobbish manhattanite, its just a fact that delivery services dont want to go to harlem because it is different than the rest of manhattan, would you not agree? It is the only place in Manhattan that actually calls itself by a different name. Sure i live on the UWS but if people from out of state ask where i live I say Manhattan. People from Harlem would say Harlem.

    And I dont think its a lack of technology for delivery to Harlem, its a lack of necessity and want. Until the recent gentrification of Harlem I would bet that there wasnt a great need or want for delivered foods. Im sure as more and more affluent people move in and kick out the poor, delivery will become a necessity.

  • Why is Harlem any different than the rest of the City? Please expound upon that…

    I feel that Harlem is very distinct neighborhood of the City; much like most Brooklynites will say they are from Brooklyn rather than New York City proper.

    That said – delivery services don’t deliver to Harlem for a totally different reason and it has nothing to do with the fact that Harlem is considered a separate nabe; you could say the same thing for Astoria, Gramercy, and – yes – the Upper West side. I think it has a lot to do with the societal impact that Harlem has had on the City and the rest of the world during its storied past.

    It is NOT because of a lack of necessity and want – As I said there is a connotation that resonates when people hear ‘Harlem’ but I will spare my thoughts until you expound upon what you think differentiations are.

  • ben

    Blacks? Poets? And I like your use of “nabe,” bro.

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