Winter Weather Etiquette

NOTE: A special shout-out to Matt Shemwell for his insistence and encouragement for helping me to repost soon.

After two winter ‘storms’ in New York and back by popular demand – I present the 2008/2009 Winter Weather Etiquette lesson from

Lesson #1: Never use an umbrella in a snowstorm.

Lesson #2: Never break lesson number one.

I don’t think umbrellas should be used in snowy weather.  I thinks it’s an abomination and extreme misuse of the umbrella apparatus when it is used in snowy weather.  I have made my point several times here on Bogopolis and I don’t need to reiterate my points but I still must say that I don’t understand the use of umbrellas in regards to snowy weather.

I get that people don’t like snow getting on their faces or getting slightly wet but isn’t that the point of snow?

Snow is not rain – there is no need to treat it the same.

Enjoy the weather but remember the appropriate attire.

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    Where’s my shout out bogey??

  • Oops – updated. I owe you one buddy…