Midwest Things I took for granted

I’ve lived in New York City for awhile now and there are things that I love to reminisce about and long for that I simply took for granted when I lived back home in Indiana.

• Wal-Mart: say what you want about their labor practices and everything else but there will always be a place in my heart for the wonderful one-stop mega (and cheap) store that is Wal-Mart.
• Sonic Breakfast Burritos: Even though I only ate a few in my lifetime in the midwest I miss them greatly as I watch commercials on TV
• Chick-Fil-A: Yeah, I’m sorry but the one at NYU just doesn’t cut it for me; yeah, I know, I haven’t been, although they don’t screen for student IDs
• Arby’s: there used to be one in the City but, alas, no more horsey sauce for New Yorkers.
• All-You-Can-Eat (Chinese) Buffets: There was one in every town and I miss the variety.
• Free Drink Refills: It’s a blessed treat when you find a restaurant with free refills in the City.

What do you miss from your home-town area that you don’t have where you live now?

  • J

    I agree with all of it! Especially Sonic and Chic-Fil-A. They are always among the first things I eat when I go home.

    Aside from the food I miss being able to use any restroom without being sneaky or having to buy something, real customer service and the ability to pay for meals with split checks. Apparently that’s the 8th deadly sin in NYC…

    Glad to see you blogging again!

  • ben

    I miss dirt roads, JC Penney lingerie, and the bag lady who would stick raw hot dogs in your ears if you fell asleep on the town square — that’s what you get for growing up in a Norman Rockwell painting.

  • Hey Jason – yeah, I miss the bathrooms and split checks too. Have you ever noticed the evil eye that you get when you ask to split the check, although I’m sure you do.

  • Ben – quaint, yet mildly disturbing. Although trust me – I grew up nowhere near a Norman Rockwell painting although my father might have had one in the living room for some time.

  • matt s

    Our list is pretty much the same. But I would like to have a Taco Bell within 5 minutes of my apt. and I wish they at least tried to keep them clean.

    Also, I miss fat southern rednecks. They make me look better.

  • Washers and driers in your home; I miss those too.

  • I could really live without the first 4 (but I had my own list that would be comparable to that but a little more Arizona based things, like REAL Mexican food). Free soda refils, and all-you-can-eat buffets in general are desperately lacking in New York.

    I suppose I could compile a list of what I miss in New York now that I am not there any longer.

  • Matt B

    my johnny come lately 2 cents is this: i miss waking up to the sound of an early morning lawn mower and standing outside at 930pm to the sound of nothing; and of course drinking a cup of coffee on my private porch with the hometown’s mediocre newspaper. Crap, i sound like an old man already.

  • Ahh… you must have been very hungry when you wrote that…

    I miss the cheap prices! And the 3-minute commute (seriously).

  • neb

    I misss Midwest meetings of the When is Yer Next Blog Post FurReals!!!!