E-Commerce/Site Personalization Done Best

A lot of times site personalization is done in a very ad-hoc matter, often times ending up looking like a ‘tacky’ mess that can induce the opposite effect that is intended by the personalization. Today is my birthday and when I got to Facebook this morning I saw the slickest form of personalization I’ve seen in a long time and I think that e-commerce developers/designers/experts can learn a lot from this, not to mention other web developers.

Check It Out:

birthday personalization on Facebook
Personalization Turned On

Turning off Facebook personalization
Personalization Turned Off

My Thoughts:

  1. It’s Clean – Personalization fits into site and doesn’t jump out; it’s slick
  2. It’s not annoying or detracting – Even the best personalization, it seems, detracts from the overall site design and architecture. This one: I barely noticed (and that’s the way it should be – it should only pop enough for me to see it, not to be annoyed.
  3. I can turn it off – This is important folks: we should be giving our users the ability to turn stuff ‘off’ if they don’t want to see it. The best site is the cleanest site.

A lot can be learned from applying the lessons of social media to our websites. Giving the customer the feeling that they are control of what they see on your site will pay dividends in the end.

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