‘Tangled’ in regret

I never learned how to efficiently wrap up tangled cords, as I do most Sundays during teardown at Forefront Church. The hand to elbow method just isn’t working for me anymore.

I’ve been told there’s a ‘proper’ way to store the cords – either I’ve never paid attention or you need to pay thousands of dollars for a ‘cord storage degree’. I am determined to conquer our 50 foot VGA cable – Somebody help me!

Do you have any regrets of simple life tasks you have never learned?

  • Matt

    My only regret is that I’ve missed out on months of bogopolis.com.

  • I regret that I have never mastered the art of pancake-making; the first of the batter always turns out too greasy & close to burnt while the last of the batter (when I get tired of the process & just pour the remaining batter into the skillet to make a single huge pancake) always turns out thick, dry, & spongy… Also, omlettes are hard to make.

  • I saw a really cool thing on TV for pancake making – recycling old ketchup bottles to squeeze out pancakes.