Free* College Text Books

As I mentioned on Saturday I was cleaning my room and I am now starting to get a rid of a lot of stuff that I no longer have use for. I have a lot of text books from my past college years that I don’t need (or want anymore).  A lot of these books cover more of the basic learning and overall theory on the topics and are not that perfect for reference.

Take a look over the list below and shoot me an email or post in the comments below if you’re interested! A lot of these books would be good for teaching someone who needs to learn the basics!

I’ll have more books when I go home and clean my room at parent’s house in July – so stay tuned!

  • Web Security for Network and System Administrators – 5 Discs (Red Hat Linux 5.0)
  • Murach’s ASP.NET – web programming with VB.NET
  • Access 2002 – Complete Concepts and Techniques
  • Introduction to Java Programming (covers Java 1.5)
    – basic theory; old concepts but probably still good for a beginner
  • Concepts of Database Management
  • Programming in Visual Basic .NET – 1 disc, which I believe is VB.NET
  • Flash MX – Graphics, Animation & Interactivity – with learning CD
  • Creating Web Pages with HTML and Dynamic HTML – great learning guide
  • Arguing Through Literature – A Thematic Anthology and Guide to Academic Writing
  • World History – Volume II – Since 11550: The Age of Global Integration

* I’ll be offering these for free – so grab them while they’re hot! I’ll be in Indiana in July if you want to grab them from me then – let me know ahead of time!