Sifting Through Memories

Today was Spring Cleaning + Day for me (I still have a couple of days to go!). I made a commitment at the beginning of this year to downsize my possessions (or at least filter the clutter) in my life. Moving for the 3rd time in almost as many years last October I realized that I had accumulated a lot of stuff that I don’t need. Coupled with the fact that my parents are ‘itching’ for me to move the last of my stuff from our home in Indiana I figured needed to create some room!

As I was going through everything I uncovered a lot of lost relics that brought up memories of the past four years and beyond. As I was deciding what to do with the stuff (whether to throw, keep, or donate) I was just struck with an odd sense of placing values on my memories and deciding which items to keep and which ones to throw. I was very quick to think of throwing away photos and objects that reminded me of the less than pleasant periods of my life.

I’m a very sentimental person and am a strong believer in remembering the entire past because of the lessons learned from the good and bad situations. However, today I was caught with the thought how much weight we place on our memories and how given life’s roller coaster mentality we should never completely let go of the past, lest we choose to not forge a different and hopefully better future.

Never deliberately and quickly choose to ignore (or forget) the not so pleasant memories of your past because, if my life is any indication of yours, the greatest moments of my life have been built upon on the weakest moments on which I chose to forge a better future.

  • Anna

    I feel like there is some universal law that you are not allowed to dispose of photos. Photos take up little to no space, so you should definitely keep them! Isn’t that the one thing people try to save in a fire? I know the Fry Daddy & Magic Bullet bring back memories, but shouldn’t they go before the photos?. (wait, you should keep the Bullet for sure)

    But you stated it so well, “the weakest moments on which I chose to forge a better future”… so profoundly true, and yes, often a choice you make.