Five Ways to Use Google Maps for your Business

More specifically – I want to talk about Google Maps Street View for businesses. The following points are copied from Google’s Street View page so be sure to check out all of their suggested uses.

  • Promote Your Business
  • Show Real Estate Listings
  • Conduct Virtual Field Trips
  • Scout Event Locations

Why You Should Care:

Using Google Maps Street View on your website will personify there user’s experience and will also allow recognition of your company to somebody who hasn’t been there before.

Whenever I visit a business or go to a new neighborhood, here in New York City, more often times than not I will Google and ‘Street View’ the location and neighborhood.  Many times it has prepared me to look for landmarks and recognize personal safety concerns when traveling to ‘questionable’ neighborhoods.

Streets View allows you to:

  1. Enhance your user’s experience
  2. Increase your marketing appeal
  3. Enable visitors to recognize your location
  4. Increase your customer’s confidence

Share your comments on how you use Streets View on your website.