Retro Moment: Poetry and Jeeves

I’ve been cleaning through some boxes of papers that I have accumulated over the past years and I came across some poetry I wrote during my senior year of high school.  I’m going to post some other poems over the next few weeks but there’s a particular stanza in a personal timeline poem written just days before I graduated about the culmination of my high school years that I wanted to share.  We pick up in the sixth stanza out of ten:

The Four Year Journey
By Tim Bogus

He was an average kid two years ago,
An eager junior, ready to leave.
He had many problems, he wished for one thing:
He wished he really could ask Jeeves

Loaded with ‘corn’ and ‘cheese’ for sure, but I love what my creative writing teacher had to say, complete in red ink:

“Please . . .   NO . . .”

This poem, albeit the last one I wrote for the class, was definitely not the crowning achievement in that creative writing class.  I’m going to share some other retro poems with you over the next few days and I hope you enjoy them.

Oh – if there’s enough of a popular demand I’ll post the rest of The Four Year Journey. Leave a comment if you want to see the rest of it but like I said it’s good, but definitely nowhere near a crowning achievement – they call it a class for a reason!

  • Mom

    I’d like to read all your poetry please.

  • Matt Shemwell

    Ummm….. of course I want to see the rest. Poetry by Bogus is a brand new side of you – must have more.

  • ben

    “He wished he hadn’t torn off his sleeves.”

    (But I always thought you owned that look.)

    More please.

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