Tip of My Hat: Fewer Umbrellas On the Street This Season

Friends of Bogopolis.  I could not help but notice that there were fewer umbrellas on the street this afternoon as the snow fell in Midtown Manhattan.  I cannot help but think that my wisdom is finally being heard.

Umbrellas do not belong on the street during snowy weather.

Snowy weather is why God gave us the brilliant fashion accessory – the scarf!  Resist the temptation to use an umbrella this season.  Instead bundle up and enjoy the snow!

You know one reason why we shouldn’t use umbrellas in snowy weather?  Try catching a snowflake underneath an umbrella!  Pretty hard, isn’t it?

Enjoy the snow, New York
.  It’s a great early Christmas present to all New Yorkers!

  • Matt Shemwell

    As always, thank you bogey for raising awareness for this situation. We can truly see the impact you’re having here in the city.

  • Matt B

    A Wag of My Finger for copying Stephen Colbert. Of course, I could say the same thing about pants as you do about umbrellas. How can you really enjoy the snow without feeling it melt against your inner thigh?