Radical Idea #1: Think like Columbus

In 1492, Christopher Columbus thought the world was round. Many leading scholars, sailors, and most educated men of the day did not agree with this assessment. Instead, they thought that the world was flat and that one could possibly fall off the edge of the ocean, as easily as a pen rolls across a desk and falls onto the floor.

Columbus challenged the prevailing thoughts of the day without any educated basis or rationale. Columbus’ actions essentially amounted to a theory and intense belief in a *radical idea*.

Are we living as we should? What ideas in the past 500 years have been so radical and changed the world collective as much as those of Christopher Columbus?

What idea, passion, thought, invention, opportunity, and the list goes on – have WE been sitting on because the prevailing thought is against us and yet we still intensely believe in our idea, passion, thought, invention, opportunity and DO NOTHING?

What are we missing out on – what knowledge has God given us that we’re just sitting on because it goes against the intellectual community? For some this may be something that isn’t a tangible idea but maybe it’s acting in a radical way that could reshape our world for the better.

What if something we believed had the potential to change the world for the better and unlike Columbus we allowed ourselves to be content with what the world thought was possible?

What if we all TRULY believed that we could change the world with our actions and ideas? Maybe – we could make this a better place to live – maybe a place that would bring more peace and love than we have now.

What if we weren’t content?

This world has the potential to be a very different place; it could be a better place and maybe, just maybe, by doing so we could bring something a little better to this world and that wouldn’t be such a bad thing…

Personally, I believe THIS is the life God has called us to live – we need to become more radical in our thinking to make things happen – be willing to accept that popular thinking won’t suffice.

What opportunity/idea/action have you sat on and goes against the status quo?  How can you make a difference?