Communication As A Spiritual Responsibility

I recently shared these thoughts in one of my classes and Regent University and I wanted to repost them here to share with you.

Words and thus communication belong to each of us individuals, responsible for the action and behavior that accompanies each utterance.  Gordon MacDonald, author of Ordering Your Private World, states that “men and women were originally created to desire communion with God” through conversation, dialogue, etc. should tell us that communication holds great potential to be very good but as a result of the fall it carries with it to be bad.  The essence of communication is that it is meant to be good and is unable to be neutral as our hearts are unable to be neutral, that is void of feeling.  Paul Tripp, in his talk War on Words at John Piper’s 2008 Desiring God conference, conveys this sentiment saying that “word problems are heart problems… [which present a problem of] organic consistency between what’s in our heart and what’s in our mouth”.  There is no on or off switch to our words (our thoughts) and if we try to think our way into a different meaning there is still a good or bad qualitative nature attached to our words.  This means we must continually determine whether each moment, thought, and word belongs to the ‘kingdom of self or the kingdom of God’ and apply the redemptive power God has given us to change (Tripp, 2008).  In this process we heed the warning to choose ‘hot’ or ‘cold’ over the lukewarm nature of our hearts (Revelation 3:16, NIV) and be formed in His image rather than our own.