Actively Embracing Tension

Do you languish during seasons of tension in your life and fight back or do you embrace and engage it as a constructive, yet molding force?  I’ve found the difference to be overwhelming in my life representing both seasons of contentment and frustration, depending on which I choose.  It’s easy to say that there’s a temptation to languish when encountered because tension, of any type, places us in a mindset that creates conflict between the passive and active periods of change that inevitably pervade our lives.  If you’re like me, you find yourself saying things like  like ‘this has always worked for me before’ or ‘why should I change’ when you encounter unexpected tension and feelings fester, emotions take over, and we stay stagnant.

When we engage tension we rarely get exactly what we want, at first, but our engagement – often as some form of dialogue (whether individuals or even circumstances, such as reconciling with a friend, solving shared problems with others, encountering a foreign situation, chasing/realizing a dream, etc.) – has the ability to allow peace to take hold in our lives.  The end desire of most tension resolution is some of form of balance or contentment found through interacting with, acknowledgement of, and the provision of a relational force allowing tension to change from a passive state to an active state of change.

Many of us seek balance but when I want to go through a life-changing situation I rarely want to do the hard work and seek contentment in the unknown.  I’ve come to realize in the past few months that tension can be scary – it doesn’t matter if it’s relational, situational, etc. – but it can also be exciting, if you engage it, because that same tension which is scary to encounter will be the same force that brings about good and probably helps you to realize more about yourself than you would have imagined when it’s successfully engaged.


Share Your Thoughts – For you, what’s the most difficult part of engaging tension in your life?